When NZTA opened the new Kingsland section of the Northwestern Cycleway in 2010, we were particularly pleased to hear that they intend to keep upgrading our “cycling superhighway” – as early as 2011, they hoped, work could be begun on extending the off-road cycleway through Spaghetti Junction, down towards the lower CBD / university.

Since that announcement, CAA has been working together with NZTA and other stakeholders to make this goal reality. Out of respect for our close working relationship with NZTA, we sometimes were not able to immediately update you on proceedings – but we can announce that the feasibility study came to the conclusion late 2010 that the cycleway was not only possible, but also clearly desirable from a cost-benefit perspective.

Since then, NZTA has announced that design funding (though not yet construction funding) has been allocated, and design will now proceed. We will continue to update you as this project proceeds.

Other Sections

In other sections of the Northwestern Cycleway, improvements are also planned. NZTA has been seeking designations (i.e. land zoning changes) for motorway works west of Te Atatu along SH16, and Cycle Action has been involved with NZTA to have input in the cycleway extensions
planned along this route.

While the Northwestern Cycleway currently stops near Lincoln Road, in some years it might go as far as Royal Road, or even Westgate, complementing recent Council improvements on Central Park Drive and Triangle Road.

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