New York City in Auckland

Oct 11, 2013
New York City in Auckland


If Auckland is really 10 years behind NYCProspect Park Bike Lane in terms of cycling… is that a hopeful, or a painful thought – seeing how much cycling is advancing in New York now? They are reaping the pay-off after many years of hard work of advocates and politicians and other people. We’d love for Auckland 2023 (or earlier, we’ll take earlier) to have such an appetite for cycling as NYC is currently experiencing.

We are talking about this because we currently have the delight of hosting Paul Steely White from NYC’s Transportation Alternatives here in Auckland – organised by Cycle Action, sponsored by NZTA. We are making the most of his visit, giving Council officers, politicians and many of you a chance to hear him speak, and discuss with him how NYC overcame the challenges to improving cycling, and getting more people on bikes.

Paul is a delightful ambassador, able to speak freely and engagingly without more than a few notes. Some of you will also have had the chance to get the full presentation at last night’s Auckland Conversations event (which we will eventually put online as a video).

There’s also a short Herald article about his visit. It’s a bit sensational, as news articles often are – Paul in person is dwelling much less on the risk / safety, and more on how cycling is now growing because so many people and businesses are coming on board with the advantages.

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