New Zealand Cycle Trail for Hibiscus & Bays?

New Zealand Cycle Trail for Hibiscus & Bays?

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Auckland Council is preparing a 30 year plan for the area, and while we are thinking long-term, why not also “think big”- at least in terms of cycling.

The plan already envisages a pathway along the whole 20+ km coastal length of the area – what a stunning idea. Yet it seems to emphasise it mainly as a walking path (one buried sub-section mentions potential to align new cycleway links with the path – but this seems a bit like an add-on, rather than a true emphasis).

If we are going to aim for something so grand, why not take that small extra step and make it a shared path? New Zealand Cycle Trail “Great Ride” status would be all but guaranteed!

So if you live or ride in the area, please respond to their feedback form. And of course, mention cycling in other contexts, not just when referring to the coastal path.

CAA will also be preparing a submission ourselves, so if you want to give us any comments here, please feel free to do so!

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