Mission Bay – Quick Submit Guide

Mission Bay – Quick Submit Guide

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This is the quick submit guide for AT’s Mission Bay proposals. Go here for our full blog on how these proposal could make Mission Bay and Tamaki Drive a real example for a better Auckland.

Please submit by 3 December on Auckland Transport’s Mission Bay proposals. Help us all achieve a safer and more pleasant Mission Bay – and great bikeway that will be a great benefit to Auckland and Tamaki Drive

Click here for the feedback link.

Below are our suggested answers for the feedback form. Important: If you fill this out in your own words, it will be more powerful than a copy-paste (but if you don’t have time, feel free to do just that):

Question 1 – We have two options to improve Mission Bay for people walking and biking on Tamaki Drive. Which do you prefer?

Tick Option B

Why did you choose this option?

Option B is much better – safer and clearer for both pedestrians and people on bikes.

Please ensure the bikeway is continuous through the gap at Patteson Ave.

Question 2 – What are your views on moving the bus layover for service #781?

Make your own choice – or tick “I don’t mind which option”

Question 3 – Do you support the proposed changes overall?

Tick “Support with changes”

Why did you choose this option?

Improving Mission Bay with better crossings, safer speeds and a new bikeway will make it a much more pleasant place for everyone.

Ensuring the bikeway is continuous and high-quality will be crucial to making the project succeed.

Question 4 – Do you have any further feedback?

Close the bikeway gap at Patteson Ave by modifying the bus stop space, as suggested in the Bike AKL proposal or similarly.

Ensure the raised crossing on Patteson Ave entering the town centre from the south doesn’t create a bike pinch point.

Remove the unsafe new footpath cycle lane in the door zone proposed on the southern side of Tamaki Drive, near the eastern crossing.

Do not add any angled car parks reversing into a busy cycling route – change the proposed angled car parks back to parallel spaces.


Click here for the feedback link.

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