It’s Halloween, which means all sorts of mischievous spirits are abroad, even in the sunny southern hemisphere! And today, the last remaining SkyPath opponents get their moment in court.

Proceedings are open to the public, and take place at the Specialist Courts and Tribunals Centre, Level 2, Federal St, Auckland from 10am.

As outlined in this article, months of mediation have failed (not that it was ever really expected to succeed), so the last remaining appellant – the Northcote Point Heritage Protection Society – is heading to the Environment Court to argue against the resource consent.

They’re also asking for a number of concessions and restrictions on SkyPath’s operating conditions. As reported in the aforementioned article, these include:

  • early closing times (6am – 7pm), and
  • restricting the maximum number of people who may access SkyPath via Northcote on any given day (e.g. to 1437 total trips going once over SkyPath on a summer Saturday).

We’ll be at the hearing today and throughout the week, intending to post updates on Facebook and Twitter as we can – so follow us there for any breaking news.

Send best wishes and your own hopes for travel via SkyPath in the comments below or via any of our channels. Let’s support the SkyPath team at this last hurdle!

PS How are you planning to bike to and from SkyPath? If safer streets matter to you, add your voice to the call for better bike facilities on Northcote’s Queen St. 

PPS Less than 2 weeks till Bike the Bridge, which is currently the only other way you’ll get to bike across! Still tickets remaining, so get in while you can…

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4 responses to “At last, a final hearing for SkyPath opponents…

  1. I don’t understand how bicycles will be an affront to any “heritage” that this group claims to represent. Surely motor vehicles and their exhaust pipes are far more damaging to any precious history in the area. Sky Path will not overrun Northcote with fit, good looking cyclists, as Light Path has not overrun Newton with such specimens. Enough of these inhumane societies. Instead of wasting court time, hop on a bike and realise why we in the cycling community are so positive about life, and so logical in our defense of good cycling facilities. After all:

  2. Is the Heritage group a new naming for the residents association who in the 198o’s were helpful and in full support of a cycle path over the bridge?. A complaint regarding heritage losses etc. should have been made in the early 1950’s before the pruned bridge was built. It is agreed Northcote Point was ruined by the bridge but Skypath addresses an error of the1950’s …..AT LAST..!!

  3. I expect a long discussion between George Wood and the cat from Northcote.

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