Remember last year’s Auckland Bike Challenge? It’s back, and bigger than ever – in fact, this year it’s the nationwide Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2017!

And it’s free, fun and easy, with great prizes for teams and individuals.

The goal is so simple: which workplace can encourage the most workmates to give a bike a go during February?

  • Don’t worry if your group is small – there are six categories for different sizes of workplace.
  • Any ride of 10 minutes or more counts, as long as it happens on any day in February, and you register it on the website.
  • You can sign up until 28 February – but obviously the sooner you get cracking, the more rides you can count!

So far, 280 Auckland organisations (that’s 2,679 Aucklanders!) are signed up and raring to go. And at the national level, 1,001 organisations and 10,660 New Zealanders are ready for the challenge!

Keen to join them? Everything you need to know about registering is here, and there’s more info and regular updates on the ABC Facebook page.


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