No need for a pretty picture to go with this blog, because it’s all in the message. We can finally announce there is more money to improve Auckland’s cycling infrastructure for the next 3 years. HOORAY !!

The back story is that it is not new money, but comes as a result of moving funds originally intended to be spent in the last years of the 10 year transport budget into years 1-3. This is of course a great result, as it means we will see more action now, rather than in a far-away future.

Our understanding of the matter was initially a bit complicated by the fact that our official informant from Auckland Transport has had to juggle his way around inflated and uninflated sums. But what he has told us is this:

Walking and cycling in the final RLTP over 10 years = $127M, this equates to $96M uninflated which is $22M more than was in the draft, (walking and cycling in the draft can be found in two different places). None of this increase has come from other projects such as AMETI.

In first 3 year Draft RLTP walking + cycling = $17.5M (uninflated). In the first 3 years Final RLTP = $29M (uninflated).  We have not increased funding for cycling over the 10 years but have brought funds forward into the first 3 years to enable us to accelerate the improvement and construction of the regional cycle network by $5.5M, the remaining increase of 6.0 M is additional funding for footpaths. The RLTP echoes AT’s desire to spend an additional approx. $2M a year on footpaths. It should also be noted that many facilities are shared.

Cycle Action is known throughout Auckland’s transport sector as making the best of every opportunity that comes our way, so we promise you we’re gearing up to make the most of the next 3 years.

It starts with more and closer collaboration with staff at the NZTA, Auckland Transport and Auckland Council as well as the Mayor’s office to make sure we have shared goals on how to be creative and clever in using this money. Plus staying in touch with you, members of the Auckland cycling community, to ensure you are on board and contributing, so all cyclists on the street know we are transforming Auckland into a great cycling city.

Have a great pedalling weekend!

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23 responses to “It’s Official – More Money for Cycling… (sort of)

  1. Great to hear! And good to clear up that confusion about is that dollar promised pie-in-the-sky money or real cold hard cash?

    Looking forward to seeing what the fruits of this hugely beneficial investment will be!

    Thanks to CAA for working for Cyclists in Auckland!

  2. 1. A couple of connected dedicated cycle lanes in the cbd would be brilliant. Green paint on the road is fine. for example continuing the lonely lane in Vincent Street through to Federal Street/St Patricks Sq and down to Fanshawe.
    2. More cycle racks in the cbd needed.
    3. Some brochureware suitable for cyclists and motorists alike on sharing the road etiquette, safe cycling practice, courtesy to cyclists – I’ve seen them in France.

  3. great news, look forward to seeing more cycle lanes around town 🙂 and thanks for all your hard work – I’m sure it was influential.

  4. Brilliant result. After the great facilities added to Triangle Road this is a massive bonus! Looking forward to seeing more improvements. Auckland is getting more cycle friendly by the day. Keep up the good work!

  5. Completely agree that collaborative efforts, and creative thinking will ensure the next three years moves Auckland into an enjoyable and safe place to cycle for all ages.

    Thanks to CAA for all their hard work.

  6. At last – some good news. No, wait – not good news – GREAT news. Historically “doubling” sounds good, but is usually a doubling from, say, $500k to $950k — but when you look at actual dollars this time, that’s a huge chunk of many *millions* of dollars ready to invest, and best of all over just the next three years! (In my view, early investment will light the fuse on an explosion of usage and the more visible the work is, the better.) GO CAA! GO BARB AND TEAM. Can you tell I’m excited?

    Now, where to spend it… visibility, please. Bike racks outside bikeshops (specially that Giant shop on the waterfront, sheesh). A couple of test Bike Parking Spaces replacing carparks. Complete the NW cycleway (including advocacy to take a lane off Ian McKinnon). Bike lockers at railway stations. And put a bit aside so someone can buy the CAA team a beer!

  7. Excellent! We look forward to working with all concerned to deliver on Greenways for safe & pleasant cycling. Worth noting to our political ones – just 2km of motorway funding in Auckland ($120m) will deliver 300km of Greenways!

  8. Thanks to you all for this outburst of enthusiasm and ideas.The great joy for me in working for cycling in Auckland is the knowledge that we are changing our city’s transport culture. Look out for my next blog – it’s on the May increase in cycling. The good news keeps coming!

  9. Good news Barbara, thank you for your tireless work to make Auckland a better place to cycle. You are a huge blessing to those who chose to cycle, thank you.

  10. Definitely good news to get some committed funding. The trick will be how to spend it to best effect. There are so many barriers to cycling – everywhere you look there are pinch points, incomplete cycle paths, or just no paths at all. I’m sure CAA will be able to help with suggestions! Thanks for all your hard work on this Barb – it’s only through building good working relationships with those who hold the purse strings that we’ll be able to make a difference.

  11. well done Barb. This looks as though it might be the step change we have all been hoping to see. Hope the money isn’t spread too thinly – will be great to have more high quality facilities, like the extension to the northwestern cycle path, as models for the city.

  12. Good news! I like these initiatives to make Auckland a better and safer cycling city for us visitors from down South. Planning cycle networks is just as important as road and rail; and is completely consistent with both good sense and Govt policy.

    1. Thanks again for these comments. Cycle Action has a superb, hard working committee which deserves recognition -but this major success is bigger than us. We are helped every day by one or more people in the CAA Associates and the wider cycling community, NZTA, councillors and local board members and staff at AC and the Mayor’s office. Vitally, it reflects the fact that AT acknowledges Cycle Action as a key transport stakeholder and are collaborating more and more with us. We value every bit of this help.
      Collaboration across all of these levels is the point of difference from other NZ cities which is making Auckland a leader in changing our city for cycling.
      We, in Cycle Action, give you a standing ovation!

  13. Fantastic! As long as we can get good infrastructure cycling will only get more popular especially once people realise you get fit and save money personally and for the country! Thanks for thinking of our future and you endless advocacy. I don’t know where we would be without it! Now what to do about Lincoln road??

  14. I have really appreciated the on and off road cycle-ways developed in the West Auckland area and look forward to seeing more, regardless of where they may be constructed. If we end up with better cycle links between the Ranui / Swanson area and the N.W. Cycleway that will be extra cool.

  15. The infrastructure changes on Tamaki Drive will be a great example of the needs of all road users being considered,and met, in a positive way. I see a lot more sharing going on which will be a fantastic outcome.
    Top job CAA!

  16. Great news. Thanks Barbara and the CAA team for all that you do and achieve. Here’s hoping a dollop of the money will flow over to Waiheke for a decent network of cycleways here in the not too distant future.

  17. Great news Barb! Well done on all the hard work of CAA. Let’s hope it’s not spread too thinly and we can see some examples of infrastructure excellence that get those virtuous cycles going.

  18. This is real credit to all CAA’s hard work and all those who have written submissions demanding more funding(it really does make a difference).

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