Our Greg Wood went over to New York some months ago, to ride the 5 Boro’s Tour, and see what all the cycling excitement in New York is all about – new cycleways, new bike share system, new enthusiasm for BIKES.

If you didn’t manage to come along to his presentation to CAA’s AGM some weeks ago, the videos from the tour are here. There are four videos:

  • The 5 Boro’s Tour – A great amble through and around NYC, on this massive-sized ride (Greg loved it, despite the cold and the jet lag).
  • The People – Meet the movers and shakers that turned NYC around for cycling. Paul Steely White! Jeanette Sadik-Khan!
  • Getting It Done – How the infrastructure and the habits have changed to make NYC much better for cycling.
  • A New York Commute – Have a look at a ride into town, New York Style.

With thanks to Hawaiian Airlines and MOKOism for getting Greg to New York City!

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