Do our intersections encourage cyclists to run red lights?

No You Arent Turning RightAnother call for action to the Auckland Transport hotline, with another problem most regular Auckland cyclists will be familiar with – traffic light sensors not picking up bikes:


We would like Auckland Transport to correct a traffic signals / safety issue at the Grafton Road / Park Road / Grafton Bridge intersection.

The traffic light induction loops here do not detect cyclists correctly. This was known for a while, but was brought home to us again after the recent light phasing changes due to the Grafton Bridge signal changes, which also changed the cycle phasing.

In particular, there are severe issues with right turns (from Grafton Bridge right into Grafton Road, from Grafton Road right into Park Road, and to a lesser degree, from Park Road right into Grafton Road) not being detected if only a cyclist is waiting in the lane.

Particularly on the right turn from Grafton Road into Park Road, the changes have made things significantly more problematic. Since cyclists are not detected by the badly calibrated loops, cyclists who arrive on the through-and-right lane do not ever receive a right turn green arrow until some motorist arrives behind them. During low-flow situations (just as experienced this afternoon), this means that the red arrow NEVER disappears for the right turning cyclist, making even a filter right turn illegal (and dangerous, as other traffic movements are not held).

This intersection is also [on] two Regional Cycle Network routes, and is heavily used by cyclists crossing Grafton Bridge. Please recalibrate the loops (particularly but not only the right turn loops) at this intersection to ensure they correctly pick up cyclists.

Cycle Action shares Auckland Transport’s goal to have cyclists respect red lights. But for this to work, cyclists must also be able to depend on getting a green light in the first place, and not be forced into dangerous jumps through traffic.


Cycle Action Auckland

If you are sick of this happening at the same intersection, or have this issue at other signals (probably best to mention specific ones), you can tell Auckland Transport by calling them / writing them about it. Squeaky wheel & oil, and all that.

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