… what isn’t going is the temporary and permanent access across the creek for riders on the Northwestern Cycleway.

Many cyclists riding out west will be aware of the clip-on bridge that brings the Northwestern Cycleway across the creek between Henderson (Central Park Drive) and Te Atatu. As part of the motorway widening works in the area, the cycleway proper will be extended, and this narrow and somewhat dangerously surfaced clip-on will be removed – to be replaced by a full-width bikeway bridge. Can’t say we will miss the old bridge – though it must have been a great improvement once, when it was first added.

NZTA also confirmed that a temporary cycle bridge is included in the construction contract – so access without any significant detours is to be retained. Great to hear.

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11 responses to “Henderson Creek cycle clip-on: Going

  1. Awesome!!!! We use this twice a day so VERY happy about the new bridge and the temporary replacement. Well done!

  2. Choice 🙂

    Also cross it twice a day, so stoked to here its getting upgraded!

    Reading all the plans for cycle track, how it is going from the creek to huruhuru soon, and also how they are extending it from Te Atatu road to the creek when they do the Te atatu upgrade, all sounds soooo good 🙂

  3. It’s somewhat of an indication of a swing in attitude that NZTA has had to cycling from when the original bridge was built to now.

  4. Thats good news. I have used it twice a day for the last 4 1/2 years. It was really dangerous when it had no covering, the steel was so slippery in the wet. It will be so good to have a full width bridge.

  5. The signs still say to dismount dont they?

    Did it used to be worse than it is now? Not that I think it is actually slippery, the little kink bridge/section just after it eastbound is much slipperier!

    1. This is a terrific conversation from our out-West riders! Cycle Action needs more people in this part of the City to give us feedback on projects. Our committee member, Mark Roberts, is very staunch, and would love to have a few more locals to work with. Get in touch if you’d like to be in email contact with him to feed in your ideas – you’d be a massive help to Cycle Action- especially now more new infrastructure is coming your way! cuthash@worldnet.co.nz

    2. Yes it was a lot worse. the old spongy rubber layer dragged your wheels, then the vandals ripped this up, leaving bare metal which was very slippery. the current grit coated board is very good to ride on.

  6. I’m very much looking forward to this and other enhancements to the NW cycleway. It is still a pity the cyclists will have to cross traffic and wait at beg posts in order to get across Te Atatu and Lincoln Roads. Maybe NZTA will make the phasing like in the Netherlands where there is minimal wait for pedestrians and cyclists? Oh wait, I’m in NZ. No way will cyclists get priority over cars. It’s all about congestion you see 🙂

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