Help make Glen Innes and environs friendlier for people on bikes!

With the sod about to be turned on the transformational Glen Innes to Tamaki shared path, Auckland Transport is currently seeking feedback about biking conditions out east. Creating better links to the Glen Innes train station is the spur, but beyond that the idea to make the whole neighbourhood more inviting to all ages.

Auckland Transport (AT) want to identify roads/routes that could be improved in Glen Innes, Point England, Saint Heliers and the surrounding areas so that people of all ages and abilities can feel safe riding a bike.

Improving links to Glen Innes Station is a key priority, as funding from the government’s Urban Cycle Programme has been allocated to improve cycle links to the station. AT also wants your feedback to help identify and improve key cycle routes to other destinations such as the town centre, schools, shops parks and community facilities.

There’s a future-proofing element to this, as all sorts of other great developments are happening nearby – and people will need safe, bikeable streets in order to get to them.

• There is an opportunity to connect to other transport projects currently under development in the area, such as the Glen Innes to Tamaki cycleway and the local board Greenways Network Plan. We plan to create a network of safe cycling routes for the area and beyond.

Here’s the official Auckland Transport page about the consultation, and you can give your feedback here, until Friday 6 November, 2015.

On behalf of Cycle Action, Tim Duguid and Kirsten Shouler took a close look at how the eastern end of the GI to Tamaki cycleway will connect with Merton Rd, with a view to creating bike-safe links between the cycleway and the following key destinations:

  • Glen Innes train station
  • Pt England on-road cycle paths (which lead to schools and to the very well used recreational routes to Tamaki Drive via Taniwha Road / Robert Ave / Riddell Road and Riverside Road)
  • Colin Maiden Park
  • Panmure / new Tamaki Edge developments (i.e. the university campus)
  • the future greenway along the Tamaki Estuary

See the pic below. If these links strike you as good ideas, by all means mention them. And you’ll spot other things we haven’t, so please do add your voice!

PS Even if you’re not in the GI area, do have a look at the feedback page. In a very welcome new development, it uses an excellent new mapping tool that lets you drop a pin or draw a line to show what you’re talking about. You can ask questions. And you can sign up to stay in touch with updates about the area.

We also like the new plain language that speaks to ordinary citizens at an everyday level. It’s no longer all technical consultation blah blah design etc, it’s about “improving your area for people on bikes.”

Oh brave new world, that has such user-friendly interfaces in it!



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