Having recently read on this blog about the Greenways network in Puketapapa, you will be keen to hear (if you hadn’t known long since!) that these projects are far from paper exercises. They aren’t something that might or might not happen in a few years (the story of too many good cycling projects).

No, this part of the southern central isthmus already has a good variety of walking and cycling paths (click through twice to the images on the right – showing some paths along the upper reaches of Oakley Creek – if you like to see some of what they have already done).

Now the next step is linking these paths together by closing the gaps, and encourage people to use them for cycling for transport, as well as for short leisure rides!

And linking up is what the works planned next for Puketapapa are all about. Two key projects are about to start:

  • In the next weeks, upgrading of the walkways in War Memorial Park to walk- and cycleways (widening and other tweaks) – As you can see from the link, these walkways are currently quite narrow, not wide enough for walkers and pedestrians to coexist without some mutual irritations. Further, there are a few spots in the park which simply don’t yet work well for cyclists, like one small creek bridge having stairs – of only about two steps, but that’s of course enough to be a real nuisance for cyclists.

These upgraded paths in War Memorial Park will also tie in nicely with the very nice walk- and cycleway built in Underwood Park and Walmsley Park to the west shown in the photos above (and from there to the SH20 / Waterview cycleway – and with the future Greenways links discussed in the Local Board’s earlier Greenways presentation.

  • In the next months, construction of a new walking and cycling bridge over the small Oakley Creek tributiary, between Owaraika Park and Underwood Park (Google Maps Aerial). This will link the local cycleway across the barrier of the stream, into the neighbouring Albert-Eden Local Board area. Another obvious link – at least once somebody pointed it out and people like your Local Boards successfully take it up.

When you hear about projects like these, the best phrase that comes to mind would be “puzzle pieces falling into place”. Now we only need to replicate these small successes all over the city, and we’ll be there! Easy.

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4 responses to “Greenways bridges and paths growing in Puketapapa

  1. Hey Max, thanks for writing about this – you may be interested to know that the Puketapapa Local Board is voting to endorse the broader Greenways Plan this Thursday night – 6pm at the Wesley Community Centre. The projects to date have been funded out of the Small Local Improvements budget and have been individually approved, but this will approve the plan as a whole. Very exciting and a big testament to the hard work of Richard Barter, the Board chair, in particular who put this vision to the Board when we were first elected.

  2. Well, it’s 2016 and the “new walking and cycling bridge […] between Owairaka Park and Underwood Park” due in “the next months” still hasn’t been started. Any news?

    1. Hi Andrew, sorry I missed this earlier, the bridge got delayed for reasons both political and not, and is now wrapped up in the bigger Walmsley/Underwood project starting construction (on the whole project) later this year. Let me know if you want more info 🙂

      1. No problem 🙂 In the meantime of course we had a big long chat on Twitter about it and other neighbourhood goings on 🙂

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