Friday 09th December

GI to Tamaki Drive opening

Where: 317 St Johns Rd
When: 9.15 for 9.30am

Hey Auckland, have we got an early Christmas present for you! The anticipation is building… not long till we can ride Stage 1 of the spectacular Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive path, which will eventually go all the way from GI Train Station to Tamaki Drive and the CBD.

It’s wonderful to see this great eastern pathway emerge to balance the expanding Northwestern cycleway – feels like Auckland’s spreading its wings to truly take off for people on bikes.

Come along this Friday morning for the official opening of the first 1.7km!

When: 9.15 for a 9.30am start

Where: The marquee at the Sunhill Garden Centre, 317 St Johns Rd, St Heliers.

The Transport Minister, Hon. Simon Bridges will be there to cut the ribbon on this brilliant new piece of infrastructure, followed by refreshments and the first official walk and ride along the path.

Section one is the bit that’s opening first – the orange bit on the right of this image.

Check out the progress since earlier this year – thanks to AT’s Aaron Hutching for the images!

How things were, back in July 2016…
…and a couple of weeks ago, in late November 2016. Nearly there!
Mmmm, looking smooth. Just a bit of landscaping to come.
The view is going to be one of the best things about this path. (The other best thing will be being able to ride from one side of the city to the other on entirely off-road cycleways!!)


Glen Innes to Tamaki
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7 responses to “The great glorious eastern pathway opens Friday 9 December!

  1. Which section is being opened up? Is that the “ORANGE” section #1 in the first picture in this article? As in the Glen Innes to St Johns Rd section, right?

      1. Good question, Dad on Bike, and thanks Max. Posted in haste and forgot to add a caption to that image – yep, we get an orange (bike path) in our Christmas stocking 🙂

  2. whoo hoo! great news. Sure has been a LONG time in the making. 🙂

  3. How can I get there by train. Will I be able to access the path from GI station.

    1. Take the path from the GI train station to Merton Road, walk up the hill for about 100 metres and there is the start of the cycle path. You can’t miss it.

      1. Hi Paul – Barb Cuthbert here. I’m taking my bike on the train from Britomart and will ride up Felton Matthew to the event. I’m just checking if there’s an easier way for people who are walking. Will you have a bike?

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