Google cycle maps are in Auckland – but haven’t fully arrived

Auckland now has a cycling map layer in Google Maps, based in part on the cycling maps that Auckland Transport and Cycle Action Auckland have developed together.

Great stuff. Sadly, some of the information on the online maps is incorrect – which admittedly is quite typical for a “Beta” service.

My first try on the map was a cycle from Grafton Road, Grafton to Quay Street, City Centre, and it directed me onto the motorway near the Business School. That certainly wasn’t on the AT cycle maps – some more work needed!

Thankfully, Google is pretty good in fixing mistaken routes like that – if people report them (there’s a link in the Beta disclaimer where you can do just that). So give it a try, and where it hickups, tell them what is wrong with the proposed route.

It’s the way forward, especially with smartphones – just don’t close your eyes using the routes!

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