Cause Figure 05At a recent community liaison meeting, the NZTA presented a variety of urban design plans for the future layout of State Highway 16.

These are getting very close / are pretty much exactly what will be built over the next 2 years, and there’s some things for cyclists to look out for. Such as the new cycling underpass (calling it that almost seems derogatory) at Rosebank.

Cause Figure 06Without further ado, there are several more cycling-related images from the document (below the cut). If you would like to read up more about the urban design, including details about the cycleway, the document is here, but be aware that it is a hefty 25 MB file

Also, we heard that there may be the possibility of the Rosebank Boardwalk (the current ratty wooden section) being replaced not with a new boardwalk (which is shown in one of the images below), but instead with a normal embankment cycleway like the rest of the route has. This is still to be confirmed.

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