Friday 15th July

East-West (Onehunga) feedback due

Where: See link
When: by midnight

Last chance for public feedback on the East-West Link project, connecting SH1 at Mt Wellington to SH20 in Onehunga.

Deadline alert: public feedback on the East-West Link closes TODAY!

This is the project that intends to reclaim the northern shore of the inner Manukau to create a highway link between SH1 at Mt Wellington and SH20 at Onehunga.

Add your voice! In the interests of speed, we’re attaching screenshots of our official feedback (scroll down) – please feel free to echo our thoughts if they match yours.

LINK FOR FEEDBACK – Have Your Say Today! It only takes a minute to fill in.

For context: we’ve never been crazy about this one, even though the project proposes to incorporate new cycleways on both the water side and the land side of the motorway, and even along the water’s edge.

Here’s useful background reading over on Transportblog:

And here’s that feedback link again – NB these forms generally close at midnight, but you can also email your feedback to




— Header image: NZTA, via Flickr 

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