A Dominion Road survey – tell us (and show us) your experiences!

Jul 30, 2018
A Dominion Road survey – tell us (and show us) your experiences!

Bike Auckland

As part of our campaign to bring bikeways to Dominion Road, we’re keen to hear your experiences of biking along this street. Or, if you don’t bike along it, what would make it more likely for you to consider it. So we’ve set up a quick survey, here.


We’d be very grateful if you’d take a minute to respond to the survey, and share it with anyone else you think might have thoughts to share on the subject.

We’re also on the lookout for stories, photos, and video of what it feels like to ride on Dominion Road as it currently is. We know hundreds of people ride this route daily, of all ages and backgrounds, on all kinds of bikes. If you’re keen to share, please get in touch!

Header image and below: The Spokes Ladies bikes outside Kiss Kiss on Rocklands St, just off Dominion Road, during a group ride in pursuit of food and camaraderie – an example of how bikes mean business! Below that, a more solitary, less glamorous, and more typical daily Dominion Road bike experience…

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