Do you think you have too much influence?

Do you think you have too much influence?

Bike Auckland

Hands Off…well, if you think you SHOULDN’T have a say about major developments, transport projects or other things that could heavily influence your neighborhood – then just do nothing.

However, if you think that the ability of citizens to have their voice heard about a proposed road, skyscraper or land rezoning is what distinguishes us from a banana republic, then you should really consider reading what Forest & Bird have to say about the latest “efficiency changes” planned by Government for the Resource Management Act.

Already, only the largest projects under the RMA actually get notified at all. If these changes happen, that may further reduce. “Who are you? You are nobody, you have no standing, thanks for asking.” will be the attitude – if you even hear a about a project before it is done & approved.

And the rules shift even more direct power into the hands of Wellington ministers. They know best, after all…

So stand up for your rights – today it may be Forest & Bird worried about the bush and the streams. Tomorrow, it may be a transport project where you and CAA can’t be involved because it will be all done behind closed doors.

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