The plans for changes to Mount Wellington Highway outside of the Sylvia Park shopping centre have now been finalised. We engaged with Auckland Transport about these plans before, and its good to see that both on-road cycle lanes and shared paths are now confirmed to make this currently absolutely horrid section of road much more suitable for cyclists.

Not Exactly A Cycle Trail

  • Cycle lanes on Mt Wellington Highway on-road from Aranui Road through to just south of the motorway
  • Western-side shared path from Aranui Road to Sylvia Park Road (i.e. even further south than the cycle lanes)
  • Eastern-side shared paths for some short sections outside of Sylvia Park, where new office buildings are planned

The changes will also make the SEART cycleway westwards towards Mt Smart and Onehunga easier to get to, and will include a bus-only back route along the rail line.

Part Section Of Mt Wellington Highway Works

Subject to land purchase, construction is hoped to start this year, and run up to 2015.

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13 responses to “Cycling past the mall

  1. Well, that looks promising.. although there is still not a really safe way to get from Onehunga to east auckland. Currently its a suicide run.. I’ve done it a few times of late I cycle from manurewa, out past the airport, past ambury, to the bridge, along the cycleway to hugo johnstone drive – then try and get across to highland park and home – usually end up going up carbine, and along the lagoon walkway, but that is usually chocka with people and not quite big enough.

    Getting into Mt Wellington would be great, but that roundabout is hideous, is there are solution for that in the works?

  2. Access down Great South Rd could do with some attention. Cycling to Sylvia Park recently from Grey Lynn was a ‘mare. Only cycle lane discernible was a fragment at the Rockfield Rd intersection where it did the typical sudden appearance then equally sudden termination. Narrow traffic lanes with buses on the right and car doors on the left. Eeurggh.

    1. I cycle gt sth daily from the CBD to Manurewa.. while it doesnt have a lot of designated cycle lanes, it is quite wide and relatively cycle friendly…
      I rode the NW cycle way the other day and was shocked at how slow I had to ride, and how rough it was…

      1. Horses for courses, Geoff – you obviously LIKE belting it πŸ˜‰ While I’ll happily agree that the Northwestern needs a lot of maintenance, for my 20-25 km/h speed style, it is quite OK…

        Re the route from Onehunga -> East Auckland. CAA and the Local Board there are looking at the most suitable routes to push for improvement on – whether one’s money on improving the routes to/from/on the Church Street rail overbridge and then onto the SEART cycleway, or holds out for the fabled new cycle/walking bridge proposed over the rail at the eastern end of the Waikaraka foreshore cycleway (along the coast of the Mangere Inlet).

        As for the continuation north & east of Sylvia Park. Tricky. The AMETI projects like this one and the others that I am aware of will leave a gap of around 1km on Mt Wellington Highway (in the vicinity of Waipuna Road) that will remain pretty bad. Classic case for where a gap-closing cycle-specific project will be needed, but our government is not going to hand us much money for these things.

        PS: Geoff, “the roundabout”. Do you mean the Panmure Roundabout? Yes, that is going. Read the various articles on this blog tagged “Panmure”. Cheers.

        1. Would have to disagree with you Geoff, I ride the NW daily, and aside from pinch points at Henderson creek, and the Whau river, and a rough patch of seal between whau and rosebank, you are pretty much only limited by your legs and lungs.

          The best bit, is that all 3 of the above points I mentioned, are going to be fixed in the next couple of years <3 CAA+NZTA+AT

          1. hmm.. except for over bridges and so forth..
            Perhaps I was tired last time? Or riding into a headwind..
            I rode from manurewa to swanson and back just before Christmas and thought the NW was the worst bit.. I’ll try it again in a few weeks and see how I feel then

          2. Hi Geoff – are you saying the overbridges are the good bit or the bad bit? Or are lacking in number? Well, there’s us fighting to get an underpass so you won’t have to wait at the Te Atatu interchange, and the western Rosebank Road overpass is being replaced with an underpass too – thoough it will feel more like a flat wide passage, with the on-ramp passing overhead. Read the blog posts tagged Northwestern for more info.

          3. Max,

            The bad bit.. or “a” bad bit.. under passes would be a good idea.

            I’ll go for a blast down it again one day soon (got a week off next week), then maybe when its closer to completion and see how I feel.

            Most of my riding is in south auckland, and none of it is on cycle ways (because there is none). Which is fine for me, because at 35-45kmh, cycle ways can be a bit dangerous… Its quite interesting to compare.

    2. “Access down Great South Rd could do with some attention. Cycling to Sylvia Park recently from Grey Lynn was a β€˜mare.”

      We have seen NZTA concept plans for a “Southern Cycleway” proposed going from Newmarket along SH1 to Otahuhu (!). Off-road, in the mold of the Northwestern Cycleway. But were to find the many millions it will cost? Oh, wait – we know where from. But the Ministy of Transport doesn’t agree…

      1. Sad that the need isn’t seen, as a westie, I wish all directions from town were as well catered for as west.

  3. good news! This is such an evil, evil section of road. Now maybe I will be able to find that cycle way you showed me once.

    1. Just to the left of the first image, Lucy! πŸ˜‰ Of course it helps to not have to be afraid for one’s health while searching for it.

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