Cycle Summit Video – Bike NZ

Cycle Summit Video – Bike NZ

Bike Auckland

Bike NZ is a New Zealand-wide cycling organisation. Traditionally focussing mostly on sports cycling, it has in recent years started to take on a stronger general cycling advocacy role.

At the same time as Bike NZ has become more interested in “everyday” cyclists, Cycle Action Auckland also started reaching out more to sports cyclists – because we believe there is a lot to be gained by all types of cycling working towards a common goal. One of CAA’s committee members, Barbara Insull, has also worked as a board member of Bike NZ for the last 2 years or so.

So we invited Bike NZ to the Auckland Cycle Summit, and here is the video of Lynne Munro giving a recap to everyone about Bike NZ’s activities.

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Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working to improve things for people on bikes. We’re a people-powered movement for a better city. We speak up for you – and the more of us there are, the stronger our voice!

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