Consultants stepping up with practical advice on integrated transport.

Oct 22, 2013
Consultants stepping up with practical advice on integrated transport.


We’ve been pulled up for using the classic transport jargon term ‘mode share’  in a recent blog. We know jargon like this can be a turn-off. But the reality is that official targets for PT, walking and cycling are fundamental to show our understanding of what is needed in a liveable city. Low targets will mean that the term is largely just political spin.

This was highlighted to me today when I received an invite to an event at AECOM’s classy office in Quay Park. The company is working with AT on the Beach Rd cycleway that we are all hankering after. Consistent with this, the invite advised that the event venue is within walking distance of the CBD and central city train and ferry terminals. The location of car parking buildings was also identified, but this was further down the page.

We regularly receive invites from bodies involved in transport,  NZTA and AT and others with ‘sustainability’ in their names. They invariably focus on how to reach the event by car, although to be fair, AT did put on buses for the electric train unveiling last month. I was impressed that the AECOM invite led with information on reaching their venue by public transport and walking. It’s a small thing, but I see it as a practical demonstration that AECOM is on board with us to help deliver our City’s liveable city goals.

I’d be interested to know if you notice how readily organisations assume all transport to their special one-off events will be by car, and completely overlook PT, walking and cycling.

(In recognising and thanking AECOM for this simple but important act of leadership, we declare an interest, as AECOM made their superb meeting facilities available for one of the events during Paul Steely White’s recent visit. We’re also grateful that Heart of the City provided the catering)

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