Changes tomorrow on temporary cycleway at Henderson Cycle Bridge

Our NZTA contacts on the Lincoln Rd Interchange section of the SH16 motorway and cycleway project have been keeping in touch with us since construction began. They’ve consulted our local cycling agent regularly at the critical stages where the temporary cycle path has had to be moved. It’s been great having this friendly and co-operative relationship, as it’s allowed us to  ask for last minute changes to make sure cyclists get through safely and smoothly, day on day.

Another significant move of the route will be in place tomorrow,  Friday 28th March

Here’s the latest message and photos from the NZTA.   Henderson Bridge build 2

We’re in the process of moving the alignment of the temporary cycleway to use part of what will be the permanent cycleway. We’re asking everyone cycling the route to be extra careful, because there are a few tricky features that need to be taken into account.

The new route will have a couple of new ramps and corners. There is also a short section of carpet material, which will hold water in the wet weather. Please avoid braking on this if at all possible, as it could be slippery in these conditions. Also, the right turn off the ramp is reasonably sharp, so please take note and slow down.

Henderson Bridge build 1We’re putting warning signs up now. While we know that most people  are  traveling in the same direction at the same time – to work etc and home at the end of the day-  there are also    occasional people going contra flow, including local pedestrians.Henderson Bridge build 3

 We really appreciate the fact that everyone using the temporary path has been adjusting their speed and riding behaviour to suit  these local and changing conditions.

Thanks to you all – we really enjoy seeing your daily flows of energy and fitness come past our construction team!”




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