CAA is always working on improving cycling infrastructure in Auckland. Sometimes that means campaigning for major new works like the Waterview Cycleway, or the extension of the Northwestern Cycleway through Spaghetti Junction. Other times, we are working with Council and Auckland Transport on much smaller fixes that could still make some cyclist’s day, or even save him from a bad crash. In recent days, we have received confirmation on a number of such smaller and medium-sized project, a few which we happily share with you:

  • Several new advanced stop boxes – with feeder cycle lanes – are going in at the traffic signals on New North Road, northbound onto Mount Eden Road & northbound on Grafton Road just past Moehau Street. Both these projects were suggested by Cycle Action.
  • You will soon be legally able to cycle westwards from Wellesley Street East onto Queen Street, where currently, all traffic (except buses) has to turn off onto Mayoral Drive or Kitchener Street. Soon it will be “all traffic except buses and cyclists”. Another little change orignally proposed by CAA, during a report we did for Auckland City Council in 2010.
  • Pending consents and consultation going well, later in the year, Auckland Transport is intending to construct a short section of shared path around the electricity pylon at the Seascouts Hall in Onehunga (sketch shown at right). This will make it much easier and safer to connect onto Orpheus Drive from the shared path along Onehunga Harbour Road, and is another piece of the puzzle in making the area attractive for cycling. For those who don’t know the area, the current set-up requires cyclists to make their way through a short section of a motorway interchange with high speeds and heavy traffic.
  • In the next months, we are going to see a reduction of the current 70 km/h speed limit on Ian McKinnon Drive, which would make that road just a little safer yet for cycling, after the recent cycleway works provided new infrastructure. CAA and safety auditor T2 also reviewed those cycleway works, and Auckland Transport is looking into doing a variety of tweaks in the coming financial year to further improve safety.

It is much appreciated to get confirmation that these works are proceeding. They may not change the world… except by increments.

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