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Puzzle me this: which way to the pink path?

Several months ago we shared a wayfinding tale of woe by Neil, who tried to bike from the city home to Henderson by dead reckoning – and got dead confused. At […]

Nov 03, 2017
Lost and found – a wayfinding fiasco

For experienced navigators of the city, it can be hard to remember what it was like just starting out. We get used to figuring out how to get from A […]

What the Dickens? A Cycling Christmas Carol

Our favourite storyteller Simon Vincent has done it again, with a bike twist on a seasonal classic (and we contributed a few embellishments ourselves)… ‘Twas the day before Christmas. The sky […]

Dec 23, 2016
Horsing around the world

Our favourite storyteller Simon Vincent has been around the world and back again, and returns with a bit of whimsy that he sincerely hopes doesn’t seem like flogging a dead, […]

Sep 09, 2016
School holiday inspiration: Greg & Neale build a tandem

We’re back from blog holiday! And yet still buzzing with holiday spirit and creativity and plans. So, you might have seen Bike Auckland secretary Greg Nikoloff around and about on his amazing electric […]

Jan 18, 2016
Flocks ‘n’ Bikes – birdwatching on wheels

“On my bike, I get to enjoy being a part of my environment, not apart from it,” writes our favourite storyteller Simon Vincent, as he turns his commute into a flight […]

How the Cycle May Be Used as a Weapon, and other handy tips

In the early decades of bike culture, we pretty much made up the rules as we went along. Witness this amazing article from a 1901 issue of Pearson’s Magazine, which we stumbled […]

Sep 18, 2015
Why we ride – Marcus Perry on getting a taste for biking

We all ride, but we all got into riding for different reasons. Marcus Perry’s story is a tantalising tale of a wee nipper… and a wee nip. Don’t try this at […]

Weather to ride

Our wonderful resident storyteller Simon Vincent is back with a story of how when you’re on a bike, every cloud has a silvery lining…  It is a cliché, which is nevertheless […]

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