Friday 17th July

Bike the Night Matariki

Where: Mangere Town Centre
When: 6pm

A lit-up night time bike ride, from Mangere to Onehunga and back via the old and new bridges (including the "original Skypath"!). Everyone always warmly welcome. There will be pit stops for refreshments along the way, and tons of fun.

Meet at the Mangere Town Centre McDonalds at 6pm. Slower or less confident riders can gather at the south end of the old Mangere Bridge and catch the ride as it comes through.

Any questions, contact Teau: 022 360 5748

teaupechakuchaIf you caught local superhero Teau Aiturau at the bike-themed PechaKucha this week, you’ll know he never sits still. After the success of the first Bike the Night Matariki ride, he’s got another one planned for the last Friday of the school holidays.

So light up your bike, Bike Rave style, and come and join the fun. Seriously, even if you’re not local, this is worth crossing town for – everyone always gets a warm welcome and the joy is really contagious.

The ride is a loop starting at Mangere Town Centre, to Onehunga and back via both bridges. The best part? Riding the “original Skypath” on the new Mangere Bridge!

Where and when: Friday 17th July, 6pm at the McDonald’s at the Mangere Town Centre. (Slower or less confident riders can gather at the south end of old Mangere Bridge and catch the ride as it comes through).

Any questions? Call Teau: 022 360 5748

PS You know Tee is always keen to pass a bike on to someone who needs one, so have a look in the garage while you have a moment…


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