Velociteers performing at Cycle Style 2012Harbour Sport has been working on the project to look at the question “Do cyclists make better young drivers?”. They have been surveying driving instructors and young people asking them this question. But now they need your help! They need more data for young people who have a FULL driver’s license and particularly those who cycle regularly.

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 15-24, has a full driver’s license and has ever ridden a bike, please ask them to fill in this online survey. The survey shouldn’t take long.

The survey is open until Saturday 3 May.

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2 responses to “Bike Survey: “Do cyclists make better young drivers?”

  1. Brilliant – I have been saying as much for years. Hope the survey goes well.

  2. I totally think that cyclists can prove to be better young drivers. Bikes are difficult to manage as everything in it is manual. Co-ordination with the brain and body improves to quite an extent. But that doesn’t really mean that youngsters who can’t ride a bike can’t make a good drivers. I know good no.of people who have never ridden a bike but now are excellent drivers.

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