Better bike parking – at a public transport node near you soon?

Render Bike CageYou may have read the Auckland Transport blog item on Auckland Transport’s proposed trial of 2 bike cages at Papakura and Papatoetoe Train Stations (render at right).

We’re very glad to see this happening. To our knowledge the best public transport bike parking in Auckland is currently provided at the Devonport Ferry Terminal, where there are 120 parks, most of them undercover and protected by CCTV cameras. The recent Cycle Action/AT on-line survey of bus passengers using the Northern Busway told us that poor bike parking at the bus stations is a major factor influencing people’s reason not to cycle to all of the stations (is it any surprise to hear unsafe road conditions got top rating in the list of dislikes?).

AT’s recent Auckland-wide on-line cycling survey (publicised in a previous blog and in which many readers participated), confirmed these general issues holding back cycling uptake for transport.

Racks_At_Newmarket_Train_StationSo what’s to do? AT and Cycle Action are gearing up to audit the number, type, location and condition of all bike parking at PT stations and town centres.

The next step will be to prioritise replacement bike parking, the goal being to provide secure and undercover at PT stations in the first instance. It is also important in town centres to remove  those ‘balloon’ or ‘lollipop’ racks that strangle and twist your bike the moment you tie it up and step away, and replace them with conveniently located racks which provide secure support for the bike.

Undercover could be also needed in town centres – we’ll be keen to hear how you value this.

We’ll also need your help to identify which bike racks are preferred,  to tell us how the 2 trial bike cages are working out, and what priority you place on improving bike parking for PT nodes, compared with parking in town centres.

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