B means GO

B means GO


Wellington Example Of Bus PrioritySome cyclists have recently been a bit confused at the new traffic lights installed at Grafton Bridge. During the day (7am to 7pm), there now are no more “straight ahead” green lights at all. Now there is only a white “B” (read here about why).

Now, most of you probably took your cue from riders around you, or simply got frustrated by not getting a green and went anyway. But just to clarify any lingering doubts: Yes, it is legal – As per Road User Amendment 2011 (Page 3), as long as cyclists are legally in the bus lane (the case for Grafton Bridge), the white B applies to them too.

We are not aware of other locations around Auckland with such B lights, but there’s likely to be some. So unless the bus lane is a lane clearly signed as “bus only” (which essentially none ever are), then you have a free ride on the white!

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