Example of separated cycleway in Vancouver.
Example of separated cycleway in Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, very similar to our future Beach Road.

Blog by Max Robitzsch and Ben Lenihan

Yes we can! – our first “Urbanway” is coming. FEEDBACK CLOSES TODAY!

As part of exciting changes in central Auckland, Auckland Transport has now released images of the new plans for the traffic-separated cycle paths along Beach Road. This will be the first real “urbanway” (urban cycleway) infrastructure in Auckland. It will join with the equally exciting Grafton Gully cycle path and the proposed flagship cycle routes on Tamaki Drive and Quay Street to form a safe, convenient link for cyclists into and through the CBD.

This will also link right through to the fantastic Skypath across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and finally on to Takapuna. Wow, it’s almost starting to feel like we are getting a proper city!

While Auckland Transport has done a lot to inform the local residents and business owners about the project, we feel that the message needs to be spread wider – so CAA has successfully asked them to allow a wider consultation, so YOU can add your support and show your enthusiasm. The first urban cycleway in Auckland that will both BE safe and FEEL safe – to encourage all Aucklanders (men, women, children, the young and the elderly) to get out on their bikes and enjoy this beautiful city.

Beach Road Images 01Here are some first concept images of the proposed Urbanway (which AT prepared on our request – we only added some cyclists into the Sunday traffic levels imagery):

That’s right; do not adjust your set! Those are actual, grown-up separated cycle paths in an urban setting – just the kind of “Urbanways” that the cycle module of the Congestion Free Network will showcase. And you don’t have to go all the way to the Denmark to try them.

Beach Road Images 02If you want to delve a little deeper into what is proposed, this blog article discussed the concept plans for the cycleway.






Many of you are aware of the fantastic economic benefits (if not, see here and here) that cities like Portland, New York, Vancouver and Seattle are starting to discover from good quality cycle infrastructure. The commercial area along Beach Road has looked increasingly run down and the great developments in Britomart have only added to that decline. It would be really exciting to see this new urbanway help to revitalise that area.

But apart from being awesome for City Centre cyclists, this would be a great showcase to boost appetite for this kind of infrastructure in other parts of the city. Like your part of the city.

Help make it happen. Provide feedback (even if it is only an “Awesome – do it!”) – give your opinions by the 4th October.

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