As every month, we had a look at the business report of Auckland Transport to review any items of interest for cycling. Where possible, we will also provide additional context from our own discussions with Auckland Transport. There isn’t that much brand new stuff in this month’s report compared to the last month, but a few interesting items nonetheless.

  • Investigations are continuing into the delivery of new sections of the Regional Cycle Network including Waterview, Ladies Mile and Beach Road. New Zealand Cycle Trail development has continued for the Airport to City Centre route.
    • [The key item here is probably public confirmation of the investigation works on future Beach Road cycle facilities – this is a link intended to connect to the extension of the Northwestern Cycleway down Grafton Gully (NZTA project).]
    • [The other important item is progress on what may become Auckland’s first New Zealand Cycle Trail route, intended to link cycle tourists to the city centre – and from there, to the planned and existing cyle routes on Waiheke and Coromandel.]
  • Delivery of Cycle training has continued to be high this month with 1916 participants this month from 17 school students, with a number of adult courses being provided including a range of from novice to intermediate and bunch riding.
  • Cycle maps for the southern and eastern sections of the region are under development. Inclusion of cycle maps on Google maps has been confirmed and will be launched in May.
    • [Cycle Action is currently working with AT on the update of these cycle maps, having contracted us to ride / drive around the region to check the routes for cycling suitability and general changes from the last map version.]
    • [It’s great to see that Google Maps will soon be bringing us cycling route mapping features as well. Did you know that you can report map issues on Google Maps easily – just right-click on the map and report errors and ommissions (requires being logged in to Google though). We recently reported a number of missing local cycleways on their map system, and found that the Google crew were quite quick in adding these, as long as they were already visible on the sattelite pictures, at least.]
  • Te Atatu Road Corridor Improvements: The final detailed design package is currently underway. ACPL is progressively negotiating with affected land owners.
    • Cycle Action was strongly involved in this project during the consultation phase, and in achieving a great public response in favour of cycle facilities. We hope that the final detailed design can accommodate the various cycle groups that are likely to use such a key road – which goes through an important residential area and is on a number of school routes, but is also important for faster commuter cyclists wanting to get to the Northwestern Cycleway.

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