We have never been closer to success – Harbour Bridge Skypath vote on Wednesday !

Please take this message seriously and personally!

Everyone agrees that now is the time to push the Auckland Harbour Bridge ‘Skypath‘ walk & cycleway over the start line to begin construction. Today’s Herald article gives you the good news. The Skypath team have got all ducks lined up:

  • An approved design the Transport Agency agrees will work well, including in the long run!
  • The money to build it – thanks to the Public Infrastructure Partnership Fund of the NZ Super Fund, which will underwrite it the tune of $28m!
  • A keen public who have agreed that they would ride a tolled Skypath. 81% of Aucklanders support it (Horizon Research latest poll)!
  • A practical project costing approximately $31m for a beautiful facility!

Auckland Harbour Bridge Watchman

All we need is for Auckland Council’s Transport Committee meeting on Wednesday to recommend to Council to top up the underwriting support by $3m, and to take ownership of the cycleway after 20 years. That has to be the best deal ever – $3m underwriting leverage to seal the deal for a superb transport and tourist facility for walking and cycling on our beloved harbour bridge!

Please help make Wednesday our ‘YES’ DAY’ by emailing the ‘Yes’ vote request to Transport Committee Councillors – start with these:

George Wood – george.wood@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

cathy.casey – cathy.casey@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Christine Fletcher – christine.fletcher@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Tell them 4 things (politely and clearly)

  • Your name and occupation
  • Why it matters to you to have the AHB Skypath
  • That you are prepared to be tolled to use the AHB Skypath
  • Ask the Councillor to vote ‘Yes’ at Wednesday’s Transport Committee to enable Council to help underwrite the AHB Skypath

Please make this message viral – this is your chance to help push the ‘GO’ button on Skypath !!!

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