2014 – what a rev! Roll on 2015!

Dec 30, 2014
2014 – what a rev! Roll on 2015!


2014. There has never been a year like it for cycling in Auckland!

  • Sky Path on the Auckland Harbour Bridge is no longer just a dream.It’s a resource consent application that deserves all our support to push it to the next step.
  • At last, we’ve got exemplars of the safe off-road cycleways that we plan to extend in all directions across Auckland.
  • We’ve been helped by strong relationships and allies, from the CEO of the NZTA to key people in the Agency’s HQ and Auckland offices, and our colleagues in Auckland Transport and Auckland Council.
  • Despite its hugely wasteful road building policies and refusal to acknowledge massive public demand for public transport, the Government ‘gets’ cycling. We welcome more $$ to get more people on bikes.
  • The PM put real time aside to meet us, and took note of our plan to deliver Auckland- wide radial cycleways by 2018.
  • We saw the Green party come to the election with a transport blue print to build a strong economy and connected NZ. We need you to bring Labour into the fold, and keep leading the way in Wellington, friends!
  • We were boosted by fabulous mates in the media, who we couldn’t do without!
  • Top of the list  – we worked with the best- ever friends and supporters across Auckland, (thanks to the Sky Path Trust, Bike Devonport, Bike Te Atatu, Bike Epsom, Cycle Action Waiheke) and colleagues in all the regional centres. I constantly blessed and was amazed by our growing hard- core dedicated Committee  and Associates team, and  our buddies in Transport Blog and Generation Zero. Biggest hugs to you all!

Images of cycling are now all around us. (Thanks Child Fund and Waterfront Auckland for your gorgeous Queen’s Wharf bike Christmas tree !)IMG_0429-002 The time is right for us to make this a reality for Aucklanders.

Our goal in 2015 is to work at all levels – with the Government to ‘up’ national cycling investment, and in communities across Auckland to support local initiatives for neighbourhood cycling.

Our big focus for January will be Auckland Council’s Long Term Plan and boosting submissions for Sky Path.

We have a big job to demonstrate to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors that cycling extends the reach and flexibility of fixed public transport routes, is cheap to deliver and is wanted by the 60% of Aucklanders who need more opportunities to cycle safely.

Rest up and enjoy yourself . We’re on the brink of the best- ever year for cycling. We’re counting on all your energy and creativity!

We’ll be back on Monday 7th Jan with the first of our blogs for 2015.


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