The Bike Blueprint 2020 – where should Auckland invest in cycling next?

The Bike Blueprint 2020 - where should Auckland invest in cycling next?The Urban Cycleway Fund has given a huge boost to new bike facilities over the last few years – but its initial 3-year funding period ends in mid 2018. And well before that happens, both Auckland Transport and NZTA will need to have a strong vision of where to go next, and a programme of projects prioritized and ready to go. That’s why, over the last six months, Bike Auckland has been working behind the scenes on the next tranche of Auckland’s bike infrastructure, 2018-2021. With an eye to round numbers – and the “vision thing” – we called it the Auckland Bike Blueprint 2020, and have been sharing it with AT and NZTA to help inform their official plans. If you’ve …
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Busy Burbs – a Bike Devonport report

Busy Burbs - a Bike Devonport reportWhile Bike Auckland cracks on with the big picture strategy, helping pull together and promote a citywide vision, we’re delighted to report that strong local groups are hard at work articulating what needs to happen on the ground. Bike Devonport is one of the longest-running, strongest, and most dedicated of the city’s Bike Burbs – not to mention creative: check out their fantastic Bike to Soccer project. They run a Facebook page and have a fabulous master plan which sets the standard for local engagement with city planners. If you’re a Shore person, you may have seen them at local events or joined their annual Bike to the Beach ride (pictured in the header photo). They also host a semi-regular bike …
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Yes we… CAN DO! A gathering for advocates

Yes we... CAN DO! A gathering for advocatesThe Cycling Action Network is running its regular national get-together for bike advocates in Wellington this year. It’s a wonderful chance to compare notes with people from all over the country about how to move things forward, especially in an election year. And this year’s theme taps into the grand historical sweep of bikes past and future: it’s the BikeBiCentennial, celebrating 200 years of fun, freedom and adventure! When:  Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 March 2017 Register online here. Members: Early bird $80 (after 27 Feb it’s $100), or $60 for a day (not including Saturday Evening dinner) Non-Members: $140 whole weekend, $80 day (consider joining CAN to save) If cost is a barrier, CAN has some …
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Intersect this – the new design for Ngapipi / Tamaki Drive

Intersect this - the new design for Ngapipi / Tamaki DriveThe decision is out, and the preparations are under way. Auckland Transport won consent for the new layout at Ngapipi Road / Tamaki Drive, and have announced they will start construction work as early as April. That’s fast, especially considering how long it’s taken to get to this stage! As you’ll know from previous articles (2013, 2015, 2016), the current intersection is one of the worst for cyclists in Auckland. It also ranks as one of the Top 10 unsafe intersections in the country, and it isn’t winning any medals either when it comes to drivers or, especially, pedestrians. So it’s long overdue for a fix. The initial new layout proposed late last year …
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Photo of the week: Casual

Photo of the week: CasualCasual [noun]: 1. Dress or footwear for everyday, non-formal use. 2. A person who does something now and then. [adjective] 1. Relaxed and unbothered. 2. Informal in style. 2. By chance, as in an unplanned meeting. When you bump into the Mayor at a festival in the park, and he admires your basket bikes and summer frocks/ jumpsuits and is genuinely interested in ‘how you bike dressed like that’ … and then casually drops into the conversation that he’s loving using the Council’s fleet of electric bikes for zipping from meeting to meeting in town. If you have great images you’d like to propose for photo of the week, please contact us!
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A new path to the new Otahuhu train station

A new path to the new Otahuhu train stationThere’s a brand new train station in Otahuhu, and now Auckland Transport is inviting public feedback on a proposal for T3 lanes and a shared path to the station along Walmsley Rd. Here’s the project information page with a link for feedback, which is open until Friday 17 February. You can see the full plans here. As well as adding T3 lanes, the proposal is to widen the footpath along the western side of the road, with the stated goal of: Improving pedestrian and cycle facilities and connection to the new Otahuhu Station. Encouraging more people to walk and cycle (particularly school children). We’re generally supportive of the project, but it must be noted: While the footpath will …
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First out of the Greenways gate: the Tamaki Path

First out of the Greenways gate: the Tamaki PathIn what might be the first Greenways project out of the gate under the new Local Path Design Guide, consultation is now open on the proposed Tamaki Path, which will run for 5km through the green reserves alongside the Tamaki Estuary, from Wai o Taiki Bay to Panmure Wharf. This project, which we’ve written about before, has been developed by the Maungakiekie Tamaki Local Board and the Auckland Council Greenways programme. The Local Board is hosting two Open Days to explain the project. Get along to ask your questions and enjoy a sausage sizzle and soft drinks! Wednesday 15 February, 5.30pm-7pm at the Wai-o-Taiki Nature Reserve (Kotae Street entrance) Monday 20 February: 6pm-7pm at the Mt Wellington …
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Three questions for your bike mechanic: Tim White

Three questions for your bike mechanic: Tim WhiteTim White is, not surprisingly, the owner of T. Whites Bikes, the indie bike shop in Symonds Street, as well as a rad dad, and (with Haimona Ngata) is aiming to bring a high quality pump track to Takapuna. Ross Inglis asked Tim three very good questions: I’m looking for a second-hand commuter bike and don’t want to buy a lemon. What should I look for? The most common problem is buying the wrong size. Have a look at a size chart to get a rough idea; it does not have to be an exact fit –  something in the vicinity will still work for you. Also look for a tidy machine – a bike with clean …
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Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive – some steps on the way

Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive - some steps on the wayUnlike its flashier city cousin Lightpath, the first stage of our ‘Eastern Path’ (Te Ara ki Uta ki Tai, from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive) hasn’t been in the news much since it opened. This isn’t unexpected – unlike Lightpath, this new section of cycleway isn’t at the busy city end of an established bike route into town. Expecting heaps of demand from the get-go would be a bit like building an isolated chunk of the Northwestern Cycleway out in Te Atatu first, and then wondering why a whole bunch of people weren’t rushing to ride it into the CBD. That deluge will come with the construction of Section 2 and 4 and the widening of Section 3. All sections are funded …
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Come and celebrate Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Kai!

Come and celebrate Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Kai!Have you been looking for an excuse to come and experience the new stretch of path in the east – the completed first stage of Te Ara ki Uta ki Tai, the first part of what will soon be a grand bicycle (and pedestrian) highway running from Glen Innes all the way into the CBD? Good news! Bike Eastern Suburbs is hosting a family day this Sunday 12 February. Gather at Columbus Cafe in Glen Innes at 10am. After a coffee, the fun begins with a ride and walk along the first stage of the path. At the top of the path at around 11.00, there’s a get-together (with prizes, to be drawn by Councillor Desley Simpson!) at the …
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Protected lanes on St Lukes Road – feedback now!

Protected lanes on St Lukes Road - feedback now!Auckland Transport is proposing to add protection to the bike lanes on St Lukes Road between the motorway interchange and the intersection with New North Road. This is a great leap forward which Bike Auckland, the Local Board, and AT’s new Walking & Cycling team, have long worked for. The project is being funded from a new minor safety improvement fund for cycling (a total pool of $1 million p.a.) and hopefully, the buffers will go in before the Waterview Tunnel opens around April. Consultation is now open – see the project page with the link for feedback. Closes this Friday! The quick version? We absolutely support this project. For anyone who knows St Lukes Rd – or has seen …
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Go By Bike Day – local edition

Go By Bike Day – local editionSometimes we go out looking for photo opportunities…and sometimes they come to us. Today was Go By Bike Day. Alas, I missed the chance to grab a coffee at the nearby Unitec pit stop, but clearly it was a fun and busy morning – with some legends going out of their way to ‘collect the set’ by visiting all three pit stops before 9am! As AT’s Walking, Cycling & Road Safety Manager Kathryn King said (per AT’s press release): ‘I could see the difference a year has made to the numbers cycling. Figures we put out from our annual walking and cycling survey in August 2016 showed that in the previous 12 months, 45,000 more Aucklanders have been getting …
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Go By Bike Day – Wednesday 8 February

Go By Bike Day – Wednesday 8 FebruaryGet on your bike this Wednesday 8 February, for Fun! Food! Freebies! Foto, er, photo booth!  This is New Zealand’s day to celebrate the joys of getting there by bike – ride to work, to school, to the shops or anywhere you need to go. For Go By Bike Day, Auckland Transport is running three pit stops on Wednesday from 7am to 9am, where you can stop off for some well-earned ‘fuel’ and catch up with other riders. There’ll be free goodies for people arriving on bikes, and photographers will be there to snap a professional photo of you and your bike for the fabulous ‘I Love My Ride’ campaign. Pit Stop Locations: Ian …
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A link for the loop: Upper Queen St improvements

A link for the loop: Upper Queen St improvementsHere’s a quick one. Remember about a year ago we blogged about the situation on the Upper Queen Street bridge? Kudos to Pippa Coom and the Waitemata Local Board for pursuing this issue – AT is proposing a new ‘leg’ for the crossing at Canada St. Consultation is now up and running, and closes on 8 February. The good news: this will create a more direction connection between Lightpath and Grafton Gully – which means, once the lower section of Nelson St is finished, we’ll essentially have a full loop of stress-free off-road cycleway encircling the central city. Woohoo! Here’s the consultation page. (Scroll down and click the through to the quick and easy feedback form.) And here’s a PDF of the design: upper-queen-street-canada-street-consultation-plan – see below …
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Photo of the week: Play

Photo of the week: PlayPlay [verb]: the opposite of work. Shown: an electric “Red Pepper” Bullitt cargo bike, ridden by Shay with her two toddlers to the playground in Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier, over Waitangi weekend. If you have great images you’d like to propose for photo of the week, please contact us!
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