Would you like to get more involved?

Would you like to get more involved?


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At the CAA Hui on 15 February, it was identified that there is a perceived lack of engagement with members and friends of CAA  and also a disproportionate amount of work falling on to the shoulders of a few people. It was agreed that this was holding CAA back and preventing it representing cyclists in all of Auckland.

Particularly valuable are people with skills in urban planning, traffic management or bicycle infrastructure planning or with other related skills who could help with commenting on technical plans sent to CAA by AT and NZTA. Currently, this work is taken largely by the tireless Max and some skilled help would be greatly appreciated.

Other contributions could be writing posts for the blog and helping at events around the city.

Ciclovia 2014 Jena&Ben
Could you help out at community events like Ciclovia?

One of the first and vital tasks is to identify at least one person who is nominated as the CAA Cycling Champion for each Local Board. Our core team engage with most of the Boards, but we would love to have more local agents. Of course, if we can have two people (or 20) that would be even better.

The role would involve creating working relationships with board members, turning up to relevant Local Board or Auckland Council meetings/workshops, developing ideas for new projects and keeping your eyes and ears open for ongoing developments in the area. This may be as simple as reading your local paper. You would receive as much support as you need from Cycle Action to represent your local community.

I have been involved with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board for about a year. This has only taken about 20 hours of my time in the past year. This included making a presentation to the Local Board on potential cycling improvements and attending a workshop on the redevelopment of the Takapuna beach front.

If you would like to get involved please enter your name, Local Board and contact details as a comment below and we will contact you ASAP.

These are the Local Boards and CAA’s coverage so far:

Albert – Eden:

Kaipatiki: Steve Southall

Maungakiekie – Tamaki:



Henderson – Massey: Bryce Pearce / Te Atatu Cycle Group

Bill Murray also wants you to get involved with CAA (he isn’t recruiting for the Ghostbusters at this time, unfortunately)


Waitakere Ranges:

Waiheke: Cycle Action Waiheke


Devonport – Takapuna: Ben Lenihan

Hibiscus and Bays: Bryce Pearce


Mangere – Otahuhu:


Waitemata: Paul Shortland


Upper Harbour:


Great Barrier:


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