Wellington increases cycle funding

Dec 10, 2013
Wellington increases cycle funding


It is great to see that the WCC has voted to triple funding for cycling in Wellington.

It is a pity that this kind of commitment isnt being seen in Auckland though there are whispers of more funding being made available. As it is we in Auckland need to try and get as much bang for our buck as possible.

It is disappointing that the Dominion Post felt it necessary to make value judgments on the scheme with snide little jabs like “green-tinged council” and that “Two of the new councillors, Sarah Free and David Lee, are Green Party members”. What has that got to do with anything?

I dont read the Dom Post much but do they make similar comments about right leaning politicians when discussing the billions (yes, billions, not paltry millions) being spent on new motorways in the Wellington region? This cycle scheme is even supported by the AA!

It would be great to see the cycling debate get beyond the “cyclists dont pay for roads” and “cyclists should register” statements seen in the reader comments. It shows a level of ignorance about how roads are paid for, and who cyclists are (children cycling to school, Mum with the kids, student to a lecture), that is quite concerning.

Isnt it time the debate moves on to looking at actual benefit cost ratios and the clear science of the health and economic benefits of cycling? I guess that is still too much to ask in NZ in 2013.

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