Welcome to our new Community Activation Manager

Welcome to our new Community Activation Manager


Photo of Teva Chenon

We love our new Community Activation Manager, Teva Chonon’s, enthusiasm for all things biking and the interesting and colourful way he sees the world. We can’t wait for him to make his mark at Bike Auckland and for people on bikes in Tāmaki Makarau.

1. What is your first memory on a bike?
It’s one of my favorite to be honest. It was 1992 in the little town of Papeete (in French Polynesia). I was at my cousin’s place playing in the gravel driveway. He had a blue BMX with pedal back brake. I remember picking up the bike, jumping on it, not thinking twice and riding off on it. My first memory is of me learning to ride a bike alone. 20 mins later I was pulling skids on the driveway and the rest is history as some say.  
2. What type of bike do you ride?
I am not sure how to reply to this one. I ride bikes that have a personal meaning to me. Be it, the brand, the aesthetics, the vintage, the whakapapa of the bike, the soul it emanates. Essentially, I ride a type of bike not only for its functionality but also for the emotions it brings me.
3. Where is your favourite place to ride in Auckland?
Currently, I would say the Owairaka cycle path; it has a stream, diversity of parks alongside it and is lush with native trees.  It is a great connector between South Auckland and the North Western Cycleway. And it helps that I live a minute away from it.
4. What attracted you to working for Bike Auckland?
He tangata he tangata he tangata
5. What is involved in your role?
So far, what I understand of my role is that I am here to empower present and future bike burbs. This means linking them to groups/local communities so it benefits all involved. You could say, I am the mycorrhizal fungi of the cycling community!
6. What’s your big, no limits, dream for Auckland?
Well if there are no limits, then I envision a space where all is connected on a geographical, environmental, holistic, cultural, equitable plane.
Imagine something like a lush pacifica netherlands directed by Wes Anderson and Taika Waititi sprinkled with progressive laws.

7. And to end, a question that’s not about biking…crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Smooth all day.

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