With just a week to go before we head to the polling booths, we thought it timely to update our Vote page with a summary of the cycling policies of our political parties.  Some of them are stand-out, while some are abysmal.

Go have a look here on the  Vote Page, where we also explain why we ranked each party with a particular number of stars.

The best outcome for cycling after 20 September would be in Labour/Green/Maori policies, with NZ First, Internet-Mana and United Future not averse to supporting increased funding.

The worst outcome would arise from National/ACT/Conservative policies.

In essence, it comes down to the centre-right promoting funding on roads to support economic growth, leaving precious little funding for cycling infrastructure.  The centre-left take a more holistic view, seeing cycling as fundamentally important in congestion reduction, healthy people, healthy communities, and reducing the contributors to climate change.

We’re struggling to see why the centre-right parties can’t also embrace this view, and encourage them to do so.  The health of our people, communities and environment relies on it.

Whatever the Government make-up after 20 September, you can rest assured that Cycle Action will continue to engage with those in power to promote the benefits of cycling, and encourage a tilting of transport funding towards a greater investment in cycling.

Our vision of cycling being an attractive, safe and viable every-day choice for all our communities is far from realised.  There’s a lot of work yet to do.

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7 responses to “Vote bike!

  1. 10/10 for this blog, thanks heaps, Steve. I’m writing from Brisbane, where all of the Greens proposals are here to be seen. The result – a lively, engaging city full of fit healthy young and older people using cycleways, walkways and public transport in all sorts of casual gear before and after work for fitness, and commuting in office clothes.
    As the Greens’ show – you need a package of initiatives to take the next step for our cities giving real transport choice and a healthy environment supporting life and the outdoor activities that defines us as Kiwis.

    If the Nats really understood investment and business they’d see that the future of a society rests in its human capital and the environment that nurtures this.
    I want a new direction from Saturday where the young people we’ve raised and educated for all their formative years see NZ and its natural environment as worthy of their loyalty.

    1. SkyPath? Well, that was verbal support – which is good. But not the same as money, or policy changes.

    2. Re Labour – read the policy you linked. They clearly state that they will rebalance the GPS (i.e. National’s !) funding priorities, including in favour of more money for walking and cycling, and specifically noting that they don’t see the 100 million boost as enough, partly because it is a one-off, not a reprioritisation. I call that a very clear statement that they WILL speend more than National, though you are right, they don’t specify how much (which is one of the reasons they aren’t getting 5 stars, presumably).

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