The Northcote and St Mary’s Bay Residents Associations want 600 carparks provided for SkyPath! It’s time to help them understand this is a cycling and walking facility – not a supermarket !

We need hundreds of cyclists to turn up at either Northcote or Westhaven tomorrow, so the Residents’ Associations see how it’s done.

If you want Sky Path to happen faster, go to either Westhaven or Northcote tomorrow and make your support known. 

SkyPath Open Day poster

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11 responses to “Stellar cycling event tomorrow – Be there !

  1. I find it untenable to drive to this so therefore I (ironically) have no way to get to Westhaven. I will cycle to Northcote though in the afternoon.

    1. Great – thanks Richard for planning to go to Northcote. That’s just as good as Westhaven – the thing is to get to one or the other!

  2. There is already adequate parking provided for vehicles. It is called the motorway.

  3. Hi all from the SkyPath team. The Open Day sessions are intended to give everyone who’s interested, especially locals who will be directly affected, a look at the design work for SkyPath, including the landings and entrances at Northcote Point and Westhaven. We welcome comments and feedback from this consultation as we prepare for resource consent application -which will be fully notified, so there will also be the opportunity to submit as part of the consenting process. We respect the special concerns of immediately affected residents close to the Northcote Point entrance and want to work closely with them to provide positive solutions. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow but if you can’t make it, please check out the website or get in touch with any questions. Thanks! Kirsten

    1. I’ve just had a look at the design drawings and all I can say is – awesome. Some nice routing there. Thanks for the effort from the team.

  4. Thank you Barbara for posting this useful information. I look forward to the SkyPath, and more sustainable transport, happening in Auckland.

  5. I wonder whether the City Link bus route can be extended to the bridge, when the SkyPath opens. This will make it easier for people to access the bridge, without a car.

  6. SkyPath will work with Auckland Transport to improve public transport to Northcote Point and to Westhaven. And we think it will be a great experience to walk over the bridge from Westhaven and then take the ferry from Northcote back to town, so we’ll be working with AT and Fullers to improve Northcote ferry services too. We believe that people actually won’t want to bring their cars to access SkyPath – instead they will enjoy the experience of cycling, walking, or coming by public transport.

    1. There could be a bus interchange at the bottom of Onewa Rd with a hire bike system. I wonder if the NRA would revise their views on an interchange now?

  7. Thanks to everybody who came along to the Open Day sessions at Westhaven and Northcote yesterday. It was brilliant to talk to so many active supporters who get how far the project has come – but also very important for us to have the chance to talk individually with people who have concerns about the impact of SkyPath on their neighbourhood. We want to hear those concerns and feedback, and to work with affected communities. We’d love to get your comments on the design so please go to give us your thoughts.

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