The state of our cycle network

Pippa Coom, former CAA committee member – and now transport representative on the Waitemata Local Board – has been active for a long time making sure future cycle route planning across Auckland is consistent and honest.

Because one of the key problems with all the great goals in documents like the Auckland Plan is that they base their future targets on a starting point of a cycle network of somewhat over 900 km, that is currently “28% complete”.

However, if one looks closely, one is not only struck by the wide variety of quality levels in what the former Councils around Auckland counted as “complete” – no, one also quite often comes across “complete” routes that absolutely have NOTHING on it for cycling.

Not even something like a shared bus lane – which many cyclists (and certainly many potential-but-not-right-now-cyclists) don’t consider a cycleway anyway. So the real starting point is in some areas a lot lower than “28% complete”.

Auckland Transport is currently reviewing the Regional Cycle Network, and will eventually re-release it as the “Auckland Cycle Network”. Have a read on Pippa’s own page about her board’s work during recent months to make sure that the review captures the starting point for the Auckland Cycle Network accurately.

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