The Orakei Basin Broadway?

Feb 17, 2016
The Orakei Basin Broadway?


We're talking the blue bit at the moment...
We’re talking the blue bit here… [but did you notice the last stage is pink… 😉 ]
Bike Auckland is about to meet up with NZTA/AT regarding the plans to widen the boardwalk across the Orakei Basin, between Orakei Train Station and Meadowbank Train Station, essentially. This is Stage 3 of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Cycleway (we have been having lots of talks about Stage 2 as well, but that design is not yet as advanced – and of course Stage 1 is well under construction at the moment).

This section is literally very straightforward. The path is a very nice route (as we felt at opening) that was constructed as part of the Orakei Basin Walkway around the whole of the smaller basin.

But it is decidedly a bit narrow, and is now proposed to be widened, so it is suitable to be part of the Urban Cycleway Programme.

Now, the future path is suggested to become 4.5m wide – and our key comment that we will discuss with authorities is: Can we make it just a TAD bit wider (0.5m more would do it, 1m more would be awesome) so it can have properly separated walking and cycling? Maybe with a pedestrian deck just slightly higher than the cycleway, but at the very minimum, with a line of paint?

Because it is already very popular with pedestrians, people walking their dogs etc… and it would be great if those people would get more peace and passing distance from cyclists – and cyclists would get what they want, the ability to ride without delays.

It was built too narrow the last time. Lets not repeat that!
It was built too narrow the last time. Lets not repeat that!

Widening a boardwalk doesn’t happen often. Cost is always an issue, but widening it once again in 5-10 years would be an even worse deal. So do you agree that this is important here?


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