Thanks for tripling the sweeping on the NW Cycleway

Nov 09, 2013
Thanks for tripling the sweeping on the NW Cycleway


NW Sweeper ManLast year I wrote a blog on the good sweeping regime on the NW Cycleway, delivered by the guy in the photo and his machine. He was very dedicated to keeping the path clear of glass and other rubbish, as he admired the cyclists who used the route in such big numbers.

Sadly our hero was moved off the job and a new regime came in which caused bike shops to report massive numbers of punctures from the NW and rightfully grumpy cyclists. Our son rides from Massey to work in town and had a record 3 punctures in one week. He got terrific support from his local bike shop, Avanti Massey,  which said many cyclists were becoming exasperated by lack of maintenance on the NW Cycleway.

We passed this and other complaints on to AT, which initially upped the sweeping from once a week to twice, and, when problems were still reported, a third sweep was added. We’re hearing the surface is now visibly cleaner and punctures are hugely reduced, so it seems the balance is right. This is the country’s busiest commuter cycle route, so we’re glad the standard of sweeping reflects this.

We want to acknowledge the keen professional interest shown by our contact in the Maintenance team at AT. His commitment means that cyclists can rely on using this route to get to work safely and efficiently. Thanks alot!

Our goal is to make sure that the main cycling routes across Auckland are free from glass and other hazards. More regular sweeping is needed. Until this occurs, feel free to report problem areas to AT’s action line, as we find they’re quick to respond to these requests.

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