Taking Our Readers Along for a Ride

Apr 29, 2012
Taking Our Readers Along for a Ride


By Barbara Cuthbert, CAA Chair

I’m new to blogging on our website – and can see how addictive it can become, as I’ve always enjoyed writing. But the real satisfaction is hearing that we are taking our readers along with us on the ride.

We are very keen to get the word out to the cycling world that the Cycle Action website – and our linked Facebook page – is worth checking in with every few days. Please help us to do that by sending the website or the Facebook link to your whanau, friends and rellies who cycle.

So, beloved readers, please put the word out to all and sundry who push pedals for fun, transport and/or fitness. It may seem that we go on a bit about making our roads safer and easier to ride – but it’s basic to our goal to change Auckland for cycling. I suspect it’s more productive and satisfying to join with others to get us to that goal faster, than simply complaining that our roads need to be safer for cycling.

(And just to answer your question – the photo was taken last year in Uganda where I was part of a water-harvesting team, building 4 x 25,000 litre concrete water tanks for the Village Project, (an organisation based on Waiheke). We finished the tanks in 2 weeks. They were built at Subii Village, an hour bus ride out of Kampala, and home to 1200 orphans, their teachers and 150 house mothers, (who each care for 8 orphans in cottages provided by the Watoto Church).

‘Wheelbarrow invasions’ by cuddly, squirming little kids added to the fun of our many concrete pours. My hubbie and I were labourers, along with 10 locals, who worked with us so they can build more tanks after we left. The experience left me with more faith than ever in the power of people to change the world.)

Join us

Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working to improve things for people on bikes. We’re a people-powered movement for a better region. We speak up for you – and the more of us there are, the stronger our voice!

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