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Transport funding for the next 10 years is up for grabs now in the Auckland Council and Auckland Transport long term funding plans. Cycle Action is submitting on behalf of our members on a raft of issues and projects. The deadline for submissions is 4pm this Friday, 23rd March.

You can read the plans on the Council website or in the limited time available, make your voice heard on a few key issues. We regard these to be –

  • The level of funding allocated to walking and cycling is only 0.8% of the overall transport capital expenditure. This is out of kilter with the proportion of trips already made by walking and cycling now. It is also contrary to Auckland’s goals to provide wider and healthier transport choices, and reduce reliance on cars. Our submission requests an increase to 5% to complete key cycling networks, improve walking and cycling safety and compensate for past years of under- investment in these modes.
  • Completing a range of cycling projects which will help change Auckland for cycling. These include the Harbour Bridge cycleway, bringing the North Western Cycleway to the Waterfront, making long overdue improvements to Tamaki Drive. You are welcome to support these, or if there is a local project you want to bring the attention of your Local Board – support it as well.
  • Investing in the Regional Cycle Network – the backbone of major cycle routes across Auckland which connect transport nodes, employment and shopping areas. These are the priority routes that need to be fully connected. In the short term it is reasonable to ask for pinch points and hazards, which make cycling unsafe, to be removed.

You can make a submission by clicking hereThe vital sections of the form to focus on are 1.2 and 8.1 (both in the same online form) – ask for increased funds for walking and cycling in BOTH these form sections – you can also use both sections, but especially 8.1, to also expand on projects you favour and ask for improved connectivity and safety on the Regional Cycling Network.


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