Amidst all the excitement of completed works along the causeway section of the NW Cycleway (including the fantastic new underpass at Te Atatu, just opened this week), we’ve been promising an update about the stretch through St Lukes and Chamberlain Rd, especially that higgledy piggledy detour through the back streets of Western Springs.

First up – Leighton, the contractors, tell us that the detour will be in place for another two months:

Diversion around St Lukes: Full completion by Monday 22, February – with possible completion of one section to be opened prior to this date. New signage will be implemented this week to this effect.

Here’s the background on the delay:

Additional works and unchartered services in the site have delayed the completion from the original November 2015 date. The additional works for this area of the Northwestern Cycleway include shared path lighting duct and future proofing for service ducts. The newly-scoped works have been added to the current programme to avoid future diversions in the area and to save time for other contractors who will be working locally later next year.

It’s not ideal. But the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, further along the Chamberlain Park section, you’ll have noticed a shift from the concrete path to a freshly installed stretch of tarmac alongside the fence. We’re told this will be in place for three months “while works continue in the area as part of the motorway widening”:


100_92Q4950 101_92Q4952

And as you approach the Pt Chevalier end of the Chamberlain Park section, you may have noticed fresh concrete being laid in the last few days:IMG_6780

Chamberlain Park switch: We will be opening up this section prior to Christmas so the Northwestern Cycleway users (cyclists and pedestrians) have a brand new path for Christmas. These permanent works will tie in to the Meola Creek temporary switch above; there will be a small ramp to join the two works together.

In other words, you’ll soon be shifted from the wiggly path on the right to the smooth concrete on the left:


One other recent issue in this area – which you alerted us to via social media, for which we thank you! – has recently been fixed. This was the tight bend at the SE corner of the St Lukes crossing, where a traffic barrier had been nudged way too close to the wire fence, drastically limiting access and visibility for people on bikes crossing the motorway exit slip lane. If you pass through here, let us know – how’s the visibility and access there now?

Lastly, if you run into any issues over the holidays, please feel free to contact Leighton directly, and they will do their best to keep the cycleway moving.

There has been a recent general housekeeping on the cycleway to make sure that there are no issues for cyclists or pedestrians during the holiday period.

If there should be any further questions or concerns, please contact Elise Miller 029 771 3209 so that the issues can be dealt with and passed on to the team working onsite during the break or to urgently fix up.

Once again our team would like to thank you for your continued patience while we work in the area and wish all the members of Bike Auckland a Safe and Happy Holidays.

Northwestern Cycleway
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12 responses to “NW update: St Lukes detour to continue through end of February

  1. One unofficial alternative that lets you avoid the worst of the detour’s ups and downs (and the dangerous Bullock Track intersection) is to go past Motat on Great North Rd, then cut through to Ivanhoe Rd diagonally opposite the Motat steam engine (two separate crossing signals). Follow your nose down Ivanhoe, then use Mountain View Rd to go under the motorway and Levonia Rd to get back to the cycleway. I’ve used this alternative when biking with kids. Only caveat: it’s briefly quite dark for that stretch under the motorway, so travel with caution.

    1. That’s a good route and the one that I have been using for the last month or so, albeit in the opposite direction (off at Finch Street, then along Levonia, under the motorway and along Ivanhoe to reach Great North Road). The only extra caveat apart from the dark underpass is that people habitually speed on the Ivanhoe corners and cross the centre line, so be careful with your positioning if you are going semi-quickly yourself!

  2. “If you pass through here, let us know – how’s the visibility and access there now?”

    Much improved width, sight-lines, and surface… Thanks for the good work.

  3. Thanks for the update – and the improvement going round the corner into St Lukes Rd, that was scary. Loving all the progress.

  4. Dec 23: “Diversion around St Lukes: Full completion by Monday 22, February – with possible completion of one section to be opened prior to this date. New signage will be implemented this week to this effect.”

    1. Indeed. Work continues, and it seems unlikely the cycleway will be re-opening any time soon; we enquired last week about the time-frame and are waiting on a reply. We’ll post an update as soon as we hear anything.

      1. I had a good look this morning and you can clearly see the outline of about half of the restored cyclepath (flattened and shaped gravel) between the bottom of Rhyde and Bannerman, so hopefully it is coming together. Nothing visible up towards the St Lukes intersection itself yet. But yeah, not really good enough by the contractors…..

        1. That section would help at least?

          Maybe they are digging an underpass after all?

          I actually stopped to look at the detour map today.
          It actually runs entirely on the footpaths according to the published diagram (If it’s OK for a five+ month detour why is it illegal in the rest of the country?)

          So For s**ts and giggles I rode it both ways today.
          It’s pretty scary at driveways, and in the morning the bins were lined up OKish, only covering half of it.
          Naturally it’s rough and bumpy and too narrow for sharing/passing pedestrians, but oh well, I managed.

          Now in the evening, low and behold, as if they’d objected to me using it in the morning, the corner at bannerman and western springs road had a huge fence and a sign (at least it had a sign) stating footpath closed please use other side!
          I struggled confusedly onto the road and into oncoming traffic (literally swerving, slowly and safely thankfully, around two vehicles), weaved around the newly extended work zone and eventually back into the first available driveway and on up the footpath. Just to top it off this footpath section was now absolutely littered with wheelie bins.

          TLDR: Official detour now blocked off by huge fencing.

      2. Still no reply?
        They not keen on blowing a third deadline??
        Sorry to bang on, but it makes a mockery of the original detour justification.

          1. Can I just re-iterate (mentioned in other threads) about how completely crap Leightons have been at keeping the public/cyclists/Bike-Auckland updated about their plans and what’s going on? Can Bike Auckland give them some feedback (or AT to pass it on?) … They have continuously been slow/late/incomplete (contemptuous of the need to know?) with their info… Compare and Contrast with the “Well Connected Alliance” a few km down the road at Waterview who are always informing you (and us) of what changes are happening BEFORE we encounter them on the road…

          2. I note that they’ve discreetly taken all mention of completion dates off their signage around St Lukes.

            I’ll be watching with interest to see if anything changes by the end of the week.

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