Yes, it’s legal now! The Environment Court has definitively ruled on the subject. Check out the ruling here.


With huge thanks to:

Bevan Woodward

The Project Team

Generation Zero

New Zealand Transport Agency

Auckland Council(lors)

Waitemata & Kaipatiki Local Boards

And everyone who submitted in favour.


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6 responses to “SkyPath is go!

  1. Wickedly thrilled!!!

    Still pissed that the appellants cost us a year. And reading through the conditions – it’s not tooooo bad, but I’m sad about the 6am-10pm bit. I was so looking forward to summer sport rides around the Upper Harbour loop, starting at, say, 5am…

    But, heck: my kids will get to RIDE THE BRIDGE!!! Thanks Bevan, Max and the Project Team, Generation Zero, NZTA, Auckland Council(lors), Waitemata & Kaipatiki Local Boards — and everyone who submitted in favour. Where do we send bubbles?

    1. I’m going to ride over to Northcote at 10 pm. Let some firecrackers off for a few hours and then ride to Davenport and get a ferry back. What a pack of wankers.

  2. If there’s such a demand for cyclists to get over the Auckland harbour bridge, why is there not already a shuttle bus running from Akoranga Drive to Victoria park. I thought this would be an obvious first step.

    1. Hi Steve

      For the same reason it failed when trialled many years back. Having to wait for a bus, having to turn up at fixed times, having no certainty to get on, having limited ride options early in the morning and late at night, being stuck in same congestion as drivers (no bus lanes on the bridge!) etc…. – those lose you a lot of the advantages of taking the bike in the first place… – and those who chose to do this option anyway use the ferry. Which IS getting more and more bike popular. But in short, a bus/bike shuttle isn’t anywhere close to as good as a bike bridge…

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