SkyPath thanks you …….. why stop now!

Sunday 2pm update – Get ready for it ……….6,OOO submissions just ticked over!  

Amazing news from Ryan – Gen Zero Comms Director, running this campaign with us.

KEEP THOSE SUBMISSIONS COMING –  let’s show them how much we want SkyPath!

Quick Submission form here.  Submission deadline is Friday, 23rd 5pm.

Friday update –  We’re gobsmacked! 3,500 submissions in by 9.30pm last night to our joint Cycle Action/Gen Zero Support SkyPath campaign!

Spread this blog link  – do you have friends/relations who would like to walk or cycle out to see the Harbour views when they visit Auckland – or who would love to add SkyPath to their list for city sights and experiences? Tell them to submit as well!

Thursday update Great response to this campaign! For a quick and easy version, our mates at Generation Zero are hauling responses in with their Quick Submission form here.  Use our key points below and join up on Gen Zero’s form – and job done! 

2,000 submissions have come in since midday yesterday! This project deserves at least 6,000 submissions in support, so keep them coming!

Wednesday – We’ve all got just over a week to make submissions to support the Auckland Harbour Bridge walking and cycling project – SkyPath. And your help is vital to get the project over the line and pedalling!

The SkyPath resource consent application is a stunning comprehensive series of documents. We’re not asking you to read them – but if you’re interested – the main document gives compelling evidence  of dedication to leave no stone unturned. The application is as thorough, professional and responsible as I’ve ever read in my 25 years working as a Planning consultant!01 SkyPath Observation Deck view

Cycle Action and Generation Zero are working together to get the message out to everyone who cycles, (or who would like to give it a go on safe cyclepaths) that now is the time to step up!

The main opponents of the project say it needs heaps of car parking on both sides of the bridge. Without space for parked cars, some residents say their peace and amenity will be disrupted. We say ‘No – this project is about boosting public transport, walking and cycling’!

Tell Council how SkyPath will expand your transport choice – by allowing you to cycle safely and easily to the Shore or to the City. Or by allowing you to take the Northcote ferry to enjoy the easy cycle or walk back to town. Or that you know shuttle services will pop up to respond to the public demand for connections, just as has happened all over the country in response to the new Cycle Trails.

Other points to add –

  • SkyPath is the major missing link that prevents people on both sides of the Bridge from choosing to leave their car at home and use public transport, bikes and walking to get around their city for all sorts of travel!
  • You want the opening hours of SkyPath expanded beyond the proposed 6am- 10pm, so you can cross the bridge with your bike or by walking before the first ferries start. Or you can ride back from town after shows and dinner in town and enjoy the city lights! If you’re anything like me, this would mean you could get to town around 5am to use downtown bus and ferry services or in the case of others,  get to the gym before work and beat the rush! It’s called lifestyle choice!
  • SkyPath is a vital part of linking Auckland’s public transport, walking and cycling networks to deliver the integrated systems that are essential to reduce traffic congestion.
  •  SkyPath will help reduce Auckland’s concerns with climate change, air, water & noise pollution, inequality of transport choice, and Auckland community health issues of obesity and diabetes.
  • SkyPath will allow you to share gorgeous panoramas of the city and the harbour with visitors, by using the Path’s viewing platforms. These views are only glimpsed at present from cars crossing the bridge and will hugely add to the mana of our city as a place of beauty and delight.

If you have time today – please download the Council’s (online form here / paper submission form here – further Council assistance on submitting is here). Do online or save and print as suits – give your contact details on the form, and add the application details:

Application Number: R/LUC/2014/3364 R/REG/2014/3365
Name of applicant: Woodward Infrastructure Ltd
Address: Auckland Harbour Bridge
Address for Service: Blakey Planning Ltd, PO Box 25-609, St Heliers, Auckland 1740 (

Say you support the application and want to be heard. Even if you later change your mind, this keeps your options open.

When ready, do either:

  • Send the online form to Council AND the address for service (if you provide as the address for service in the appropriate form field, Council will send the required second copy for you)
  • Post or deliver the paper submission forms – if you are using paper copies – to one of Council’s service centres AND to the address for service.

Now pat yourself on the back – you’re a hero!

Any questions! Ask in the comments below as we’re all in this together!

We’ll be blogging on this again so watch out for more news. But don’t wait if you’re ready to do your heroic act now!

Thanks team!

PS: SkyPath’s own website also has advice on how to submit.

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