Sharrow trial in Auckland

Dec 16, 2013
Sharrow trial in Auckland


What is a sharrow? US example.
What is a sharrow? US example.

Auckland Transport has announced that it will be undertaking a trial of sharrows in Auckland on the following roads:

Feedback is being asked for by AT and we encourage you to get your comments in and support this trial.

Sharrows have been used in  North America to great effect in cities like Portland, Seattle and Vancouver on their network of cycle boulevards. It is amazing the difference it makes to a street when motorists are made aware that cycles also have some rights on that road.

How sharrows should work

Although it is only paint, it is best to think of sharrows as the thin edge of the cycling wedge. As the numbers of cyclists increase, it becomes increasingly easy to argue for more and better infrastructure and that will also have a spill over effect on surrounding streets.They also encourage more cyclists to use the road and, as we all know, the more cyclists there are the safer we are. It is a wonderful, virtuous circle of cycling!

Wouldn’t that sharrow make you feel more welcome?



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