Last updated October 12, 2020 09:05 PM

Lightpath / Te Ara i Whiti is a must-ride, for the photos as much as anything and it’s even more spectacular at night when the lights come on – you can race them along and watch them change colour.

Te Ara i Whiti by day
Little kids, big kids.

You will have driven past it countless times. It’s worth the effort to stop by some time and go for a quick cruise. It’s not a long stretch of cycleway, but you’ll want to allow some time so you can stop and take plenty of photos while you’re there.

If you have a wee transport enthusiast then this has many interesting things to check out.

First off, there are the great views of all the interconnected motorways at Spaghetti Junction.

But that is nothing compared to the massive City Rail Link project being undertaken right over the road at the Canada Street end. You can read up on the latest happenings before you go, then check out all the heavy machinery while you’re there.

If you’re arriving by car, the best parking is at the Canada St end.

Enter Canada Street from Upper Queen Street and hopefully nab some street parking right there (it is paid parking – you either pay at the meters or use the AT Park app). If that’s full, you can loop around to the Wilson Parking building off Mercury Lane or try for street parking in East Street.

If you have older kids who are comfortable doing some shared footpaths and on-road cycling (and a few steeper parts), then biking to the Lightpath is a great option too. Here’s a cycle map of the area.

Canada Street entrance

There are a lot of ebikes and scooters around the place to hire, so if you’ve ever wanted to give them a go, this is a great off-road option! Get the app to track down the exact locations on the day.

Making your way from the Canada Street end, it’s very picturesque, with details like the rainbow panelling on the K’Road over bridge to keep an eye out for.

At the Nelson Street end, there is a penny farthing sculpture in the garden too.

When you get back to the Canada Street end, you might want to check out the Electric Bike Team in East Street. They have a big range of ebikes and accessories – helmets, carry bags, wet weather gear and hi-vis gear.

K Road is your best bet for food and bathroom breaks.


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Kids Rides
Suitable for:
  • Learner (balance bike, trainer wheels)
  • Confident child (pedal bike - no trainer wheels)
  • Scooter
  • Adults
Time required:
15 minutes
Are there steep sections?
Other amenities:
Light show at night
Canada Street
Type of outing:
Great for a short outing, mainly to check out the iconic pink path and/or lights. Make the effort to get there at sunset and be treated to the beauty of the lights.
Transport required:
  • Bike
  • Drive
Weather dependent:
Kids visible at all times?
Suitable for keeping multiple kids visible?
Tips from locals:
There are no toilets or places to get a drink or bite to eat by the Lightpath. This shouldn't be a problem as it doesn't take long to do the entire length there and back. Check out the Electric Bike Team on East Street to see a huge range of ebikes.