Results of the Tamaki Drive Survey

Results of the Tamaki Drive Survey

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Well, here they are, the results from our Tamaki Drive survey – if you participated, I am sure you are interested in whether your views match those of others. As clear trends, we see that the works overall are seen in a positive light, the kerb-build-outs are considered a major hazard, the speed tables are considered acceptable, Cycle Action Auckland is in your good graces (whew!) and Auckland Transport has a hard job in making our respondents happy.

From our perspective it has to be said that we appreciate AT’s collaboration with us – and especially the dedication from their stakeholder manager, Aaron Hutching, in attending all Tamaki Drive Working Group meetings, and in responding quickly to all of our requests. But we all know, this is the hottest road in town, so it’s hard to please everyone.

Of course this wasn’t a fully representative survey (the sample size was too small for that, and too self-selected – for example, many casual weekend riders would not have responded, as they would not have known there was a survey going on). But the survey is a great help for CAA in understanding what your concerns are. The multiple choice responses and the extended text responses (which for reasons of size and privacy, we will not include here), will be highly useful as we continue reviewing the works and future changes to improve safety on Tamaki Drive.

Thanks again for everyone who answered the questions!

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