K Road cycle lanes


What: A cycle ride in support of separated cycle lanes on Karangahape Road. The ride will take about 30 minutes

When: 10.30am on Sunday, 28 September

Where: Corner K’ Road and Ponsonby Road

The fantastic team at Generation Zero are holding a cycle rally on Sunday to show support for the proposed separated cycle lanes on K’ Road. Please go along to show your support.

The ride will meet at the corner of K’ Road and Ponsonby Road at 10.30am and some speakers (including our own cycling champion, Barb Cuthbert) will address the crowd. The ride will then set off at 11am down Ponsonby Road and back, then down K’ Road across Grafton Bridge then back around to St Kevins Arcade where there will be a few stalls, stands and displays. It should take around 30 minutes to complete the ride.

It won’t be a break neck pace and, even if you are not a very confident cyclist, I am sure you will discover a new found joy in cycling surrounded (and protected) by a large group of fellow wheeled pedestrians. Remember, the more of us there are, the safer we are!

You can also sign a petition in support here. There is also more information at Gen Zero’s Facebook page – so far 400-500 people have indicated they are attending. Let’s make it a nice round 1,000!

If you need any convincing check out Gen Zero’s 8 reasons why the cycle lanes are needed. There is some great discussion and debate here at Transport Blog.

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3 responses to “POSTPONED Bike to the Future – Ride for K’ Road separated cycle lanes

  1. I think you mean weather postponement day is Sunday 7th of September right?

    And I thought the Grafton gully cycleway was opening on the 2nd of September or is it now the 6th based on your comments?

    1. Yes we found out last night from AT that it is delayed until then. This is because Key and Brownlee want to attend.

      I assume to show how much they love cycling!

      The challenge is to get Big Gezzer on a bike. Challenge accepted Greg?

  2. Well Gerry can ride my bike if he wants to, I’m a big Geezer and it copes with my frame, so the difference between “Big Gezzer” on my bike and “Big Geezer” is only one letter different, so should be easy eh 🙂

    Course he probably can’t *control* a bike, having never ridden a two wheel one – I imagine he stopped riding on such things when the number wheels changed down from a wheel 3 tricycle to a 2 wheel bicycle and so he skipped all the way up to 4 wheels and stayed there since.

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